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  Amazon under fire over Echo recording error(01:18)
  Visa suspends Morgan Freeman ad campaign(01:36)
  Hear some of Harvey Weinstein's accusers(02:28)
  Misty Copeland: Partnering with brands empowers me(03:37)
  Women accuse Morgan Freeman of inappropriate behavior, harassment(05:58)
  Randi Zuckerberg thinks you should unbalance your life(02:24)
  Saudi energy minister hints oil output could rise(01:52)
  Facebook already faces lawsuit under GDPR(03:12)
  Netflix is worth more than Disney(01:07)
  Here's why you've been getting so many privacy policy emails(01:37)
  Vimeo CEO: Failure is essential to success(02:35)
  US considers tariffs on car imports(01:41)
  Turkish lira hits record low(01:45)
  Richard Branson wants you to rethink cruises(01:19)
  Judge rules Trump can't block people on Twitter(01:21)
  Analyst: US growth has peaked(01:59)
  Here's why Ford isn't phasing out the Mustang(02:09)
  Target blames weather for poor earnings(01:12)
  Former HuffPo exec on embracing gender fluidity(04:41)
  Comcast prepares to top Disney's bid for Fox(02:51)
  Zuckerberg grilled by European lawmakers(02:26)
  Journalists blocked from EPA event(02:33)
  Betsy DeVos' controversial statements(01:37)
  What if a digital twin could go to work for you?(02:34)
  Why are the French always striking?(01:32)
  This guy could sell ice to Eskimos(07:30)
  Daymond John: Failure is a necessary process(04:14)
  NYPD investigating Mario Batali for sexual misconduct(02:45)
  'Deadpool 2' is Ryan Reynolds vs. Josh Brolin(01:38)
  This is what Venezuela needs to fix its economy(01:07)
  Putting Trump's 'animals' remark in context(03:28)
  Does Giuliani have a press strategy? (05:45)
  Trump targeting Amazon -- and the Post?(03:21)
  'Flipping the script' after mass shootings (03:31)
  Are Michael Avenatti's 15 minutes up?(03:32)
  Stelter asks Conway: Where is Trump getting his info?(08:57)
  Conway says White House is hunting for leakers(03:53)
  Stelter: Is Trump "hiding" from the press?(07:20)
  Kellyanne Conway says leaks are just people trying to 'settle personal scores'(03:02)
  'SNL' spoofs 'The Sopranos' in season finale (01:13)
  Watch: Highlights from the royal wedding(02:02)
  Famous royal wedding guests: Who was there(00:51)
  Love & laughter at the royal wedding(02:11)
  See Prince Harry and Meghan's wedding kiss(00:33)

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