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  Mark Zuckerberg isn't done changing the world(02:29)
  The iPhone: Evolved (02:16)
  Qatar Airways wants to buy 10% of American Airlines(03:06)
  President Trump's record on coal mining jobs(00:42)
  Undergrads design medical devices(00:56)
  5 stunning stats about Nike(01:53)
  The Zuckerberg Interview: Extended cut(09:09)
  Zuckerberg: Internet for the world is good for democracy(01:43)
  Zuckerberg: We're divided politically, but have shared humanity(01:11)
  Zuckerberg: How we can have a more civil, productive debate(02:47)
  Zuckerberg: 'We have a responsibility to do more'(02:36)
  Senate GOP unveils health care bill(01:43)
  Summer gas prices dip to 12-year low(01:21)
  Inside India's first international baking academy(02:14)
  Coal CEO sues John Oliver(00:55)
  How Nando's made it to Malaysia(02:24)
  Flyrobe: India's 'national shared wardrobe'(01:57)
  Minority Report tech: 15 years later(03:48)
  This bar lets you drink for an anti-Trump cause(02:05)
  New info in Tesla autopilot death(01:37)
  Who is Uber's Travis Kalanick?(02:35)
  Jaw-dropping aerobatic feats at Paris Air Show(01:37)
  Uber: A history of controversies(02:35)
  The headaches of negotiating Brexit(01:37)
  White House isn't ruling out a second term for Fed Chair yet(01:18)
  Barbie's boyfriend Ken gets diverse makeover(00:57)
  Amancio Ortega in 60 seconds(01:00)
  This smart backpack syncs to your social media(01:15)
  Former North Korea detainee Otto Warmbier dies(02:37)
  Qatar Airways named best airline of 2017(00:55)
  Top tech leaders meet with Trump(02:00)
  Apple's Phil Schiller: To predict the future, invent it(03:02)
  Boeing jets fly in unison(01:14)
  Jared Kushner's vast real estate assets pose ethical risk(02:43)
  Jim Acosta: White House is stonewalling us(03:14)
  What if the White House never spoke to the press again?(05:53)
  Acura NSX: Technology in overdrive(02:27)

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